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Business and technology are changing faster than we can keep up with. Innovative ideas and answers often end up irrelevant or obsolete the second they are fully formulated and put into practice. These days, the power of innovation lies not in knowing, but in embracing the unknown and learning to create through powerful questions. Welcome to Meraki Leadership, where this is what we do.

As a coach, Ashley works with leaders and organizations going through periods of growth and transition, and helps them develop tools to navigate uncertainty, address fears, and create the path forward with calmness, clarity, and confidence. Trained in mediation and negotiation, and with a decade of project management experience, she is well versed in change and transition management. Ashley combines her professional experience with a deep commitment to authenticity that fully leverages individual creativity. Knowing that organizations are best served when each contributor can bring their full self to the table, Ashley coaches leaders to step into authentic leadership for their businesses, so they can achieve measurable success in uncharted territory.


Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies from Queen’s University, a Certificate in Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution from The Mediation Centre of Southeastern Ontario, and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. She is an active member of the International Coach Federation, and currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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To be successful you don't have to change who you are; You have to become more of who you are.

Sally Hogshead


It is my mission to create a world in which people feel empowered to be and express who they really are. I love to create space for people to explore themselves, and establish better practice in their careers, relationships, and lives. I believe that authenticity and vulnerability are at the core of enhanced leadership, community, and business.


The best part?


This work can be FUN. Playful. Curious. Experimental. I approach my practice like a jigsaw puzzle – a ‘Humanistic Engineer’ by nature, I love to figure out what makes people tick, and derive sincere joy and fulfillment in facilitating their growth and development.

In the 10 years that I have been working with teams and organizations, I have consistently found that people who are willing to live with authenticity are more forward thinking, innovative, and effective. More importantly, they enjoy what they do, derive sincere satisfaction from their work, and share the spirit of meraki onward with others.

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