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Meraki Leadership provides a variety of services and offerings designed to empower leaders and organizations experiencing growth and transition to navigate uncertainty, address fears, and create the path forward with calmness, clarity, and confidence.


"Ashley was compassionate and present during our coaching sessions. She asked powerful questions and demonstrated deep listening. Her coaching was very skillful and helped me with greater awareness and personal power to not only set my action plan, but to carry it through. Her professional presence, authenticity, and compassion was encouraging, and I felt very secure in our coaching relationship."

 - Betty Rockendorf

"I approached Meraki Leadership during a period of extreme flux in my career. Ashley enabled me to have a conversation with myself, objectively and rationally. She helped me to strip my inner dialogue of fear, doubt, and emotional clutter, which allowed me to think disruptively about my situation with great results. I was able to mediate between extreme risk and great opportunity, and by doing so my career has catapulted across the Atlantic."

 - Michael Taylor

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